Authentic Resources - Websites for a variety of materials

Generic Sites for Multiple Languages - Scroll down for language specific sites.

ACTFL WebWatch – What’s Online for Foreign Language Educators
Merlot World Language Portal

NCLRC – Culture Club

Jim Becker’s World Language Links

International Children’s Library

Bookbox - Children's Books

Newseum Front Pages

Thematic Unit Materials in Several Languages
Culturally Authentic Images
Lyrics Trainings - Songs in Different Languages
Good black and white images - not authentic
Foreign Language Magazines
LangMedia - Audio files with transcripts by country and topic
Audio Lingua - audio files, searchable database
Spanish, French and English - Variety of Activities - Listening, TV clips, vocabulary, culture


Dali Tan's Favorite Sites

Chinese Pinterest Boards


Current events and more for teens in France

Current events and more for youth
Current events and more for youth
Sylvia Duckworth's YouTube Channel - lots of video
Radio France Internationale
France 2 Direct
Site officiel de la France
Wikipedia Site for Children in France
UNICEF - La Voix des Jeunes
Conte-moi - Francophone stories read aloud
Children's site - short readings
Excellent collection of short stories/poems - text and audio

Longer stories - audio only
Some free ebooks

Front page of newspapers
Sondages en France
Archival site- video, radio, audio and ads by themes
Daily newspaper - requires subscription for all articles
French Artists - St. Louis Art Museum

Short videos on familiar topics with script
Web documentaires pour apprendre le français (TV5)
Madame Shepard - Thematic Units-all levels
French listening resources by topic
Petit Nicolas - Complete collection of stories, some with audio
AATF French Teaching Resources - with or without subtitles
L'Elephant - revue culturelle

Searchable on several topics, lots of images
Children's website - multiple topics
Newspaper for Middle School
Youth radio
Young children's game site
Family site for information
Topics geared to teens - searchable

Newspaper - lots of images
Informational site on bullying
Current news - geared to youth - searchable
Youth news
Searchable youth news site
News site
News 4 Kids
Das sagt die Jugend
Daily news in Latin
Bonny Eagle HS Weebly - lots of links

Searchable and great for current pop culture
Excellent site for authentic images - divided by topic
UNICEF site for youth
News site on variety of topics, lots of images
Wiki with several resources organized by theme by Cherice Montgomery
Site designed for learning Spanish - different topics, searchable
Spanish Proficiency Exercises - good source for audio
Stories from today's immigrants - searchable by topic
Good source for audio, stories told by Spanish speakers, all levels
Music videos and interactive activities
Source for free books for bilingual students
Short news articles, several topic categories

Stories and songs connected to grammar points
Spanish government educational site - text and activities, articles
focus on current events
How to site with text and videos and many topics
Good source for audio text
Cuaderno Intercultural - Multi cultural materials & stories
En Clave de Niños

Pinterest Board - Jackie Bronkie - organized by topic
Biographies written for children
Spanish educational blog - varied content
Latin American Culture Site
AP Spanish Language and Culture
Español para inmigrantes y refugiados
Historias orales - Video blogs - excellent for novice interpretive

Spanish Ear - Native speakers on variety of topics from different countries

Spanish resources - Rachel Casady

Young Children's Stories on Powerpoint - Downloadable

Learn Spanish Online - Videos by European level

Novice/Intermediate Videos by topic

Free resource for learning Spanish, articles accompanied by listening